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Hello, I'm Dave Myers

I'm a web designer and developer working at Ameravant Web Design, a small, tight-knit web development company located in sunny Santa Barbara, California. I specialize in standards-based HTML and CSS, and develop with Ruby on Rails. In my portfolio, you'll find my web design, digital illustrations, figure drawings, and more.

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Recommended Reading: Responsive Web Design and Content Management Systems

Responsive web design and mobile first are two concepts that have been receiving a lot of attention from the design community. While everyone’s talking about the progressive enhancement approach for designing themes, there’s been a surprising lack of talk about it from the CMS Administration end.

Recently, I was having a conversation with my girlfriend about replacing her old 13” Macbook. It’s getting up there in years and is still running Tiger OSX. Initially, she was planning on replacing it with a new 13” Macbook Pro. “Do you think I should just get an iPad 3 instead?” she asked.


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